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7. Photograph the Scene

Your Napa County DUI attorney will explain to you that photographs of things such as your route, or an intersection, or a lane line you allegedly weaved over, a stop sign which you supposedly ran through or a Napa County neighborhood you were driving through, may make a huge difference to the success of a DUI defense. Don't snap pictures while driving, but obtaining, preserving, and presenting photographic evidence later may prove decisive in your favor.

tail lightA picture of the scene of the arrest and/or the location of sobriety testing may help your Napa DUI lawyer challenge an officer's credibility. A photograph of an alleged illegal trailer hitch, broken tail light or other equipment issue or malfunction (especially if you believe everything was working fine), or a picture of a temporary registration sticker or allegedly obscured or misplaced license plate may show you were perfectly legal when driving, and may convince a prosecutor to drop a case, or provide your Napa DUI lawyer with just enough evidence to rebut a police report and prove an illegal police stop.

A photograph close in time to the arrest showing any fresh damage to a vehicle, or injury to you or others (due to driving, or due to later police misconduct) may be critically important to your Napa DUI attorney weeks or months after a DUI incident when closer examination of your matter shows the need for evidence to support your side of the story.

But of course physical evidence changes with time, and disappears or may be lost before you realize its importance. If you sit and think (or better yet, talk to a local Napa County DUI lawyer) about how you might want to prove certain facts later, you may realize that a photograph (or better yet, ten photographs) now can preserve the appearance or state of something or someone for later, before it is lost, and just may make the difference between a DUI conviction and a far better disposition or dismissal.


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