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10. Police Reports

Keystone CopsThe best Napa County DUI lawyers will explain to you that the Napa County court and the Napa DMV process are primarily fueled by the police report. The police report in a DUI case is not the end of the story, but it is certainly the beginning. A careful, detailed examination of Napa County police reports by an experienced Napa DUI attorney can often reveal numerous errors and/or omissions. Click here to see the most commonly used DUI police forms, titled the DS367 Age 21 And Older Officer's Statement (click here for the latest 2019 DS367 Officer's Statement, or here for the Older 2016 version, or here for the Older 2015 version, or here for the Older 2012 version, or here for the Older 2010 version, or here for the Older 2006 version), and the CHP 202 Driving Under The Influence Arrest - Investigation Report (click here for the latest 2017 CHP 202 Report, and here for the Older 2011 version).

Some errors and omissions are not legally significant (typos are human nature, right?), but others can be fatal to the government's case against you, especially at the Napa DMV where documents usually are the only evidence considered. If an important signature is missing at a critical place on a form, and the Napa and San Francisco DMV driver safety offices do not catch this error or omission in time to subpoena the responsible party to "fix" it at the local Napa hearing, then your Napa County DUI lawyer may be able to win your DMV case. Even numerous relatively minor errors may allow Napa DUI attorneys to call into question the reliability, credibility, and observing skill of the officer who made the DUI arrest, what we like to call the "Keystone Kops" defense.


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