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Here's why you should get help from a Napa DUI lawyer to deal with the Napa County Courts & DMV:

You're about to face the District Attorney, a Judge, and the DMV.

Jake has lived in the North Bay for over 20 years, graduated U.C. Davis, and U.C. Hastings Law School in San Francisco with top honors, and a former law clerk to a Federal Judge. He asks you to consider this:

  • A DUI is a serious criminal charge with jail, fines, suspended license, weekly DUI school, years of probation, and a criminal record.
  • The Napa County District Attorney who decides whether to charge you with a DUI in Napa is a Lawyer.
  • The Assistant Napa County District Attorney who argues a DUI case against you in Napa is a Lawyer.
  • The Napa County Judge who would sentence you for a DUI is a Lawyer.
  • Even Napa County law enforcement who arrested you have lawyers.

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Napa DUI Lawyer New Law Update: Car Breathalyzer if Convicted of DUI

Starting with DUI violations on or after January 1, 2019, all persons convicted of a DUI in California will be required to install a vehicle breathalyzer, also called an ignition interlock device (“IID”), in order to avoid a suspension of driving privileges by the DMV (but keep reading, you might be able to opt out). Passed in 2016 and taking effect on January 1, 2019, SB-1046 amends several vehicle code sections to require installing an IID breathalyzer for up to six months for first-time adult DUI offenders who elect to avoid any driving suspension. The IID requirement would be one year for a DUI conviction where a prior offense or injuries are alleged. The new laws authorize but do not require installation of an IID for a “wet reckless” conviction.

Napa County courts have had the authority to order IID breathalyzers for many years in DUI cases, and experienced Napa DUI lawyers often expect to see IID orders at sentencings in most cases with prior DUI convictions, and even first offense DUI cases with aggravated facts such as higher alcohol levels, collisions, and refusals to provide chemical tests after arrest. In 2012, IID breathalyzer installation was first introduced as an incentive for second and third DUI offenders to regain driving privileges substantially earlier than the DMV had previously allowed. This newest change in DUI sentencing continues the trend of using the IID breathalyzer as an incentive, now promising no “hard” or mandatory suspension of driving privileges at all in most adult, alcohol-related DUI cases with early installation of the device.

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Why Hire a Lawyer?

Expunge a Napa DUI Conviction

An Expungement of a past Napa County DUI Means You May Legally State You've Never Been Convicted of the DUI in Most Private Employment Situations.

Good people make mistakes; get the relief you deserve after your Napa DUI conviction is dismissed. An expungement can make a critical difference seeking employment, and may improve your position even if you still have to disclose with occupational licenses & certifications, college admissions, bank loans, immigration status and many other life advancements.

But the best Napa DUI lawyers know this: DUI expungement laws have changed and toughened, and different counties have different DUI expungement procedures, and typically there is only one chance to petition a Napa County court for this relief from a DUI conviction.

A smart, quick Napa DUI attorney like Jake can fully inform and prepare you, submit the correct DUI expungement forms with the proper language, and give you your best chance at successfully dismissing your case so you can legally not reveal a past DUI conviction.

Read More About the Benefits and Limitations of Napa DUI Expungements and Napa County DUI Lawyer Services in: Jake's Expungement Discussion.


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