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Here's why you should get help from a Napa DUI lawyer to deal with the Napa County Courts & DMV:

You're about to face the District Attorney, a Judge, and the DMV.

Jake has been a DUI lawyer here in Napa County for nearly two decades, graduated UC Davis, and UC Hastings Law School in San Francisco with top honors, and a former law clerk to a Federal Judge.

He asks you to consider this:

A DUI is a serious criminal charge with jail, fines, suspended license, weekly DUI school, years of probation, and a criminal record.

The Napa County District Attorney who decides whether to charge you with a DUI in Napa is a Lawyer.

The Assistant Napa County District Attorney who argues a DUI case against you in Napa is a Lawyer.

The Napa County Judge who would sentence you for a DUI is a Lawyer.

Even Napa County law enforcement who arrested you have lawyers.

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NYPD to Google: Stop Posting DUI Checkpoint Locations on Waze App

The New York police department is very unhappy that Google’s Waze crowd sourcing navigation app allows users to post the locations of the NYPD’s DUI checkpoints. In a whiny demand letter dripping with frustration and misplaced legal expectations, NYPD’s acting deputy commissioner for legal matters complained that "The NYPD is focusing significant resources to DWI enforcement. including the use of vehicle checkpoints throughout the city…[but] has become aware that the Waze mobile application, a community-driven GPS navigation application owned by Google LLC, currently permits the public to report DWI checkpoints throughout New York City and map these locations on the application."

Then the acting legal affairs commissioner really steps in it when she goes on to "demand that Google…immediately remove this function from the Waze application” and “take every necessary precaution to ensure that GPS data of NYPD DWI checkpoints…is not uploaded or posted at a future time on the Waze Mobile application,, Google Maps," etc., threatening, without regard to the First Amendment, or a single court case to back her up, that individuals who post the locations of DUI checkpoints "may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws." See, NYPD Demand Letter.

Napa DUI lawyers would scoff at such imperiousness, if it weren’t so troubling that a supposed "legal affairs" police official, presumably tasked with advising the police on the intersection of law, ethics and public policy, would pen such a myopic, misguided extortion. Even a rookie beat cop knows that the government is prohibited from interfering with free speech.

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Am I Going to Jail?

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Will My License be Suspended?

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DMV Temporary License

Napa DUI lawyer video: Why hire a Napa DUI lawyer

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Expunge a Napa DUI Conviction

Expunge Napa DUI

An Expungement of a past Napa County DUI Means You May Legally State You've Never Been Convicted of the DUI in Most Private Employment Situations.

Good people make mistakes; get the relief you deserve after your Napa DUI conviction is dismissed. An expungement can make a critical difference seeking employment, and may improve your position even if you still have to disclose with occupational licenses & certifications, college admissions, bank loans, immigration status and many other life advancements.

But the best Napa DUI lawyers know this: DUI expungement laws have changed and toughened, and different counties have different DUI expungement procedures, and typically there is only one chance to petition a Napa County court for this relief from a DUI conviction.

A smart, quick Napa DUI attorney like Jake can fully inform and prepare you, submit the correct DUI expungement forms with the proper language, and give you your best chance at successfully dismissing your case so you can legally not reveal a past DUI conviction.

Read More About the Benefits and Limitations of Napa DUI Expungements and Napa County DUI Lawyer Services in: Jake's Expungement Discussion.


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Dave Jake Schwartz is an Honors Graduate from UC Hastings Law School, and UC Davis, former Federal Judicial Clerk, and Nationally Qualified Sobriety Tests Practitioner. Member of the California Bar for 30 years, Wine Country resident for over 20 years, handles only DUI cases, including thousands of North Bay DUIs and DMV hearings: first/multiple offenders, minors, seniors, tourists, undocumented immigrants, veterans, probation violations, suspended license, public intoxication, open container, minor in possession, child endangerment, collisions, hit and run, evading, resisting arrest.

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