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Types of DUI

"Can I Get a DUI in Napa County or Elsewhere With a..."

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DUI Riding a Skateboard

CVC 670

DUI on a Snow Mobile

Snow Mobile
CVC 557, CVC 670

You can get a DUI riding a go-kart

CVC 670

DUI on a Barbie Car

Barbie Car
CVC 670

DUI Driving a Recliner

CVC 670

DUI Driving a Barstool

Bar Stool
CVC 670

DUI Driving a Beer Cooler

Beer Cooler
CVC 670

DUI Riding a Buggy

CVC 670

DUI Driving a Segway

CVC 21281.5

DUI Riding a Pocket Bike

Pocket Bike
CVC 473, CVC 670

DUI Riding a Golf Cart

Golf Cart
385.5 670 21251

DUI Driving a Boat

HNC 655

DUI Driving a Jet Ski

Jet Ski
HNC 655

DUI in a Kayak

HNC 655

DUI Floating in an Inflatable Raft

Inflatable Raft
HNC 655

DUI Riding A Mobility Car

Mobility Chair
CVC 415, CVC 467

DUI riding a Lawn Mower

CVC 670

DUI Driving A Forklift

CVC 670

DUI Riding a Pocket Snow Plow

Snow Plow
CVC 670

DUI Riding a Backhoe

VC 670, VC 15300

DUI Riding a Zamboni

CVC 670

DUI Riding a Cable Car

Cable Car
PUC 7818

DUI Driving a Train

PUC 7679

DUI Driving A Helicopter

PUC 21407.1


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